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 Gold Centred Alpines - 4.00 each


These robust, healthy and versatile plants have no farina on flowers or foliage so can be grown successfully in pots, tubs, rock gardens and even in the open border. They thrive on fresh air and liberal applications of manure! Colours range from scarlet reds to subtle brown/cream hues and often exhibit wonderful shading and tonal contrasts.


Alison Jane.
Brown and gold shades. Raised in 1972 by Jim Sherwood.
Andrea Julie.
Extremely attractive light red with orange russet edges.


Red shades grace a very robust plant.

A sister to Sandwood Bay.



Bred by James Douglas in 1935.

An easy plant in shades of crimson to bright pink

Bedford Lad
Another lovely, easy plant. Offsets freely
Brendas Choice

A Sirius seedling, admired by the great Brenda Hyatt - hence the name. Deep crimson with a narrow pink edge

Bright Eyes

Small, vivid flowers in shades of brown


Brown Bess.
Strongly shaded from red brown to beige.


Picture coming soon! Dusky Maiden.
Maroon Brown shaded to pale purple.
A Sirius seedling.

A Prince John/Winnifred cross. Rich dark crimson, shaded to light crimson 

Gay Crusader.
Brightest orange red shading to orange. Perfect.

Sorry - sold out, more growing



 Indian Love Call.
One of the most prolific red and gold
shaded auriculas. Recommended.


Maroon shades.

A cheerful flower with very deep crimson petals, shading to very light pink

Various delightful brown shades on a
prize winning plant.
Lee Paul.
Brown and yellow shades. 
Strong constitution.

Pale and interesting. Raised by Derek Telford in 1993

Piers Telford.
One of my favourites. Orange brown
shades on a prolific plant.
Prince John.
This may be 90 years old but its maroon and crimson colours still impress.
Red Vulcan

A rich red wine with very subtle shading to the edges

Sandwood Bay.
Tough, easy and vigorous. Vivid shades of red and orange.
Delightful brown shades on an undemanding plant.

Golden brown to dark brown

Ted Roberts.
Never fails to produce stunning crimson blooms
The Sneep

A very relaxed plant, some may say floppy. Small brown to orange flowers