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Doubles - 4.00 each


Now enjoying a resurgence in interest due to the efforts of modern breeders, these beauties vary in flower form from relaxed semi-doubles resembling miniature camellias to varieties dripping in fully double blooms. The colour range is expanding all the time away from the traditional purples and yellows to include reds, greens and bi-colours.



Albert Bailey.
A delicate pale orange colour. Small flowers but lots of them.

A green edged double, very similar to "Sword"

Bill Bailey

Amazingly similar to Albert Bailey!


Lovely ginger and russet shades.
Vigorous and easy to grow purple that offsets generously.

Creamy white. Bred by Derek Salt
Fred Booley
A rich, dark, bluey purple - renown prize-winner
Golden Splendour.
More restrained flowers the colour of burnished gold.


Marie Crousse.

One of the newer, double purples 

Matthew Yates.
Very dark, almost black flowers on strong stems.

Stole fire from the gods to give to the human race.  A rich, blood red

South Barrow
A beautiful purple that divides well.
Like an old fashioned rose in miniature, shades of pink.


This, believe it or not is a double green! It grows like a triffid, but not as much as "Behold".


Walton Heath.
Light purple flowers of a classic form.