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  Fancies  - 4.50 each

Green edges once again but this time including many brighter colours as well. The centre is mealed but the body colour can be red, yellow or pink and new shades are being added all the time. These tough plants do well for me planted in the open border.


The fancy auricula at its most refined.

Red ground colour with a green edge.

Sorry, sold out
A vigorous cerise and green variety
raised by Gordon Douglas in 1985.

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Ghost Grey

Ethereal blooms in palest shades

Offsets very freely

Helen Rouane

A really delicate combination of grey and pale lemon yellow

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Hinton Fields
A fresh yellow and green combination
  Lisa Clara

A red and green fancy from the House of Douglas. 1985

A wonderful cerise and green colour that offsets very freely.

Thanks to Richard Williams for the picture

Queen Bee
A tough green/red that is easy to flower well. 

Thanks to Richard Williams for the picture

Sorry, sold out

Still going strong since 1894. Equally at home in the
garden or pots on the patio. 

A stunning grey and darkest red combination


Star Wars

Another beautiful combination of grey and red