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Care and Cultivation

If you want to win prizes with your Auriculas you need to greenhouse them for most of the year except high summer. As most people are definitely not interested in competitions but just want to enjoy their plants, here are a few simple rules:

For garden, trough. patio pot and alpine bed; choose a partially shaded spot that doesn't get baked by the sun. To see them flower at their very best, pop into 3 inch pots so you can move them around and protect the flowers from thunderstorms.
Auriculas  make a spectacular display in spring and then the can be put away  somewhere shaded for the summer. In all situations they need plenty of fresh air, and high potash feed. For pots try a simple compost made from equal parts of multipurpose compost, John Innes no. 2 and grit, Vermiculite or Perlite
If you suffer from nasty pests such as vine weevil or root aphis, use Provado. After flowering you can divide the plants, if offsets with roots have formed, and put them up into the standard compost. Gently pull off any brown leaves during winter and keep on the dry side until spring.

Recommended books

For excellent pictures and extensive growing advice you may want to consult the following:
"Auriculas for everyone" by Mary Robinson.
ISBN 1-86108-149-9

"Auriculas, Their care and cultivation" by Brenda Hyatt.
ISBN 0-304-34070-7