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Stripes - 4.50 each

Once virtually lost to cultivation these plants break the convention of circularity to emphasise band of colour radiating from the central area. Again, modern breeders are making rapid improvements to these plants.


                        Arundel Stripe
Bands of yellow, dark red and white. a vigorous plant that produces loads of offsets. 
Cutie Pie

Sorry - Sold Out


 stunning red and grey combination

Handsome Lass  
  Karen Cordrey

Bred by Allan Guest in 1988

Translates as "Queen of the Night"

Mazetta Stripe

A real stunner in darkest red

Merlin Stripe.
A weird concoction of light green and red stripes. Smaller flowers that sometimes become double.
  Pioneer Stripe  
Three Way Stripe
An unusual but pretty mixture